niforms and More


At the Family Karate Center, each student receives a free uniform upon registration. The uniforms have blue tops with white pants. A patch is worn to indicate which program the student is in, and each belt is colored according to rank.

More "formal" uniforms are worn to competitions & by adults and higher ranks. Instead of the blue top, students wear a white top with the U.S. Flag, the Korean Flag, and the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation patch sewn on the uniform.

Sparring Gear

Our sparring gear, required for all sparring activities, classes and competition, consists of head protection, hand and foot protection and a mouth guard. These items must be purchased at the Family Karate Center and come with an attractive screen-printed duffel bag.


Some of the main weapons taught at the Family Karate Center are nunchakus (pictured to the left), bongs (staffs) and bokkens (practice swords).

Training with weapons is done in a very controlled environment. Students are taught to respect their weapon of choice and to use it wisely. Beginner students are never given sharp weapons. The nunchakus and bongs they start with are foam. The bokkens have smooth, dull edges. The safety ofthe students comes first.

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