Tiny Tigers Program (Ages 2-4)

This program introduces children ages 2-4 to the positive influences of the martial arts by stressing self-discipline and positive values. One of the best gifts you can provide for your children is the opportunity to possess the traits of a successful life.

What are these traits? Patience, self-confidence, a positive attitude, self-discipline, self-control and a healthy body with good coordination. Our art of Tang Soo Do is unique in athletics, not just self-defense, but because it is a TOTAL LEARNING AND IMPROVEMENT style activity.

Children learning Tang Soo Do at the Family Karate Center begin by practicing basic skills, which are the foundation of the art. These skills improve and build good coordination and balance. Our Tiny Tigers are ALWAYS ACTIVE in class as they progress, instead of just “warming the bench” or sitting on the sidelines. No other institution can give your child a better program for personal development, growth and achievement.

Our most popular aspect of The Tiny Tigers is the Stranger Danger Child Abduction Prevention and Awareness Program. Master Carole Smith teaches children and parents the lures that child abductors have actually used to persuade young children and teens to follow them into dangerous situations. Master Smith founded this program over 25 years ago because of the horrific statistics of how many small children are abducted, sexually molested and murdered each year. The Stranger Danger Program teaches that it doesn’t take physical strength to break away from an abductor, but basic pressure point techniques that are taught with repetition in class. This class is a must for all parents and small children, as we know that children are our most precious gifts from God, and we must teach them techniques and awareness to protect themselves in dangerous situations. The Family Karate Center is the only Martial Arts School that teaches this particular program.

Tiny Tiger classes are always taught in a fun, highly motivating atmosphere and are geared to
your child’s age and attention span. These classes are always less than one hour and are over
by 6:00pm. Saturday classes are also available. Call The Family Karate Center today for more
information on The Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons and Junior Eagles programs at 334-277-4911. We believe in the value, education, character and safety of your child!